Aren’t you tired of keeping your diet strict all week just to throw it away on the weekends with late night snack binging, take out and alcohol?

Not only is that unnecessary expenses that add up but all those extra calories can set you back for the whole week causing you to plateau or even gain weight! We aren’t saying not to enjoy your life but everything needs to be in moderation.

We are going to dive straight into 3 tips to help fight that weekend binge eating and keep you burning fat consistently throughout the week!


When eating out, keep it simple :

  • Choose foods with less ingredients so it is easier to track with your my fitness pal app.
  • Ask for sauces on the side. Sauces & dressings can be very high in calories, if you ask for them on the side you can control the portions.
  • It is better to overestimate calories when you’re eating out because you are more likely to underestimate. Restaurants also tend to give larger portions.


Make it a date night to try to cook a new recipe at home:

  • Practicing making a new receipt can be a fun way to connect with your spouse or friends & family members after a long week!
  • This will also help you get familiar with household cooking items macros when entering the food into your my fitness pal app
  • After dinner you can even bake a healthy treat or spoil yourself with something sweet if you’ve hit a goal this week.


If you know you can’t sustain from binging on alcohol and snacks then simply don’t keep them in the house:

This is my favourite site to find great healthy alternatives for unhealthy snacks.

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We believe in rewarding your hard work and celebrating small goal accomplishments. Losing your first 5-10lb, doing a push-up personal record, hitting your hip thrust weight goal and losing inches off your waist are all examples of achieving small goals that lead you up to your long term goal. 

When you accomplish things like that then you should go out on  a weekend and celebrate your hard work, but as mentioned MODERATION.

You also have the opposite side of things where you should NOT be celebrating. If you have yet to hit any goals you have not earned the rewards yet..give it time and be patient, the nachos at jack astors can wait lol 😉

Do you want more information on how to eat healthier and promote fat loss? Send us an email and we will have our certified Holistic health nutritionist and personal trainer Ayla give you some tips!