It has been about 7 months since COVID-19 has changed our lives. Gyms have shut down in some cities, restaurants only do take out and you have to wear a mask everywhere you go. 

There are 2 questions that you keep asking yourself.. 

1. When will life get back to normal?!

2. Why aren’t I making good progress with my home workouts?

The first question nobody has the answer to but we are all praying that it’s soon! The second question we won’t just give you 1 answer, we will give you 3 answers why you aren’t seeing good results from your home workouts.

But first, let us ask you something. Have you even started working out??

That’s step one lol..

When COVID-19 first hit back in March and we were locked down, I’ll be honest with you. I lost all motivation for 3 weeks straight! I was staying up late with my then pregnant wife watching netflix and eating ice cream (haagen-dazs cookies and cream to be exact), sleeping in till 9am-10am, really not knowing what was next to come. But for my family I knew I had to snap out of it and create a new service which is called NLT virtual 1on1 training and home boot camps. 

I created these workouts to be fast, fun and most importantly effective. The clients that didn’t have equipment were using bands, paint cans, water bottles, baby seats ANYTHING that had some kind of resemblance to a weight in the gym.

In 4 weeks our female clients were seeing amazing results from our high intensity 30-45 minute sessions and we perfected our formula over COVID-19 for people to be getting the same results at home that they did at the gym.

We are going to break down our 3 step formula of how to burn fat and build muscle from your living room and show you how to break past your plateau!

  1. You’re putting 50% into your workouts or you haven’t even started!

There’s a saying that I hear “At least you went” or “Something is better than nothing”. That statement is true and false. If that 50%  we call “Something” doesn’t improve to 100% we call “Giving your everything” then what results and progress do you expect to see?

You might see minimal progress in the beginning but eventually you will plateau and progress will come to a complete halt.

In order to create progress you need to apply stress (good stress) to your body by overloading it with more repitions, more weight, less rest, more sets; SOMETHING that will move the needle towards your goals.

This is a motivation issue and this is a huge reason why people decide to hire a coach. Coaches don’t let you give 50% we are all in and we expect the same from our clients. Our motto is “Positive reinforcement and mutual respect go a long way”.

  1. You have no routine.

 If you’ve ever worked from home for your career, you know how distracting it can be. Kids need help with their virtual schooling , pets need to be walked, phones are ringing, There are a million and one things going on. 

This is why it is so important for you to enter everything fitness related into your calendar, just like you would a meeting for work, a lunch date with your best friend, or a family outing. 

Why does your health have to be neglected from your daily routines? 

I’ll be honest with you… even before I started doing this trick I was skipping workouts because something else would come up and I would push my own health aside. If it’s programmed in your schedule, there is no way you will skip it. (Unless you try to cheat yourself and delete it, don’t do that!)

My main point is make sure you are prioritizing your health in the same way you are prioritizing the biggest career opportunity of your life. Remember, you only have one body you get to live in, make sure it’s a healthy one!

  1. You don’t know what the heck you’re doing!

Imagine trying out for your high school basketball team without ever holding a basketball or going into the biggest interview of your career and knowing nothing about the company you are applying for.

How do you think that would go?

You would be missing every shot you take on that court and you would fail that interview HORRIBLY. 

It makes no sense to set yourself up for failure. The same applies for going into the gym and randomly going from machine to machine with terrible form, not knowing what muscles you are working , thinking that you are sore from a good workout but have actually injured yourself or vice versa, thinking that you injured yourself but are actually just sore..that’s more common haha.

Your workouts need to be designed for your body type and your goals. If you are a 180lb female trying to lose weight you wouldn’t want to go on a strength and muscle building phase. You need to focus on shredding the fat while building lean muscle (toning). 

There is no need to take a shot in the dark and try to guess your way to progress when there are so many programs out there that can help get you there and can be selected for what your body needs in order to achieve the ultimate body transformation.

This will also save you time, money, risk of injuries and a lot of frustration! 

Consider these 3 tips the key to success when it comes to working out from home.

Here is a quick summary I want you to start building this week and implement the first monday coming up!

  • Don’t half ass anything. Give 100% to everything you do in life from relationships, parenting, workouts and eating healthy, your workplace and learn how to deliver on your word!
  • Build a calendar routine around your fitness. You would never miss an important interview or meeting because you would be fired or miss out on a good job. You should never miss a workout because you miss out on getting one step further to getting in the best shape of your life. Living a healthy lifestyle is also crucial for good mental health.
  • Stop guessing what to do! Follow a program that is designed for YOU (That rhymes lol). Take into consideration that your workouts have to be best suited for your goals. Doing random workouts will not only stall your progress but you will also have a high potential of getting injured.

We these tips get you one step closer to your goals!

Would you like guaranteed results? Send us an email and let us see if we can help you get in the best shape of your life!