What's Your Fitness Goals?

Fat Loss

Bring your sun tan lotion and let’s get ready to sweat! You’ve been locked in your house for the past 4 months due to Covid-19 and it’s time to soak up some sun. Our NLT Boot Camp classes burn hundreds of calories, reduce body fat, improve energy & endurance and increases lean muscle mass. If you enjoy working out in a group this option is for you!

Focus on your form while increasing lean muscle mass & strength with our fully customized 1on1 sessions that are designed specifically for your goals! Diet plan, daily accountability & motivation and a custom workout plan with your personalized goals. This is our premium service.
Virtual & in person available.


We specialize in servicing busy professionals who want to look and feel their best! Whether your goals are to lose fat, build muscle or make a lifestyle change, we are here to help you achieve that!

With our training services company we tailor your plan according to your fitness level, addressing any muscular or postural imbalances so by the time you reach your goal you are not only looking your best but also feeling your best!


No Limits Training

Our intention is to create personalized  training programs designed to achieve your fitness goals and the ultimate body transformation. Our training services target fat loss to have you looking toned & tight! Increase lean muscle mass & strength so you can be proud of the way you look in the mirror. As well improve your endurance so you don’t get tired playing sports or chasing your kids. We do this in a way that is both fun and rewarding by pushing our clients past their limits to reach their full potential. We are a strong believer in positive reinforcement and always operate out of
mutual respect.


He is an excellent coach. He pushes you to reach your goals and is always helping you to be on track. He is a great mentor. I recommend him heavily so that everyone can reach their fitness dreams with No Limits training.
Catalina Coutin-Prado
Fitness Client
Very rare is it to find a trainer as passionate and knowledgeable as O'Niel! Training with him has been a life changing experience and he always knew how to make our sessions not only about hardwork and high intensity but extremely fun as well. I learned alot about life and fitness through O'Neil and that knowledge will be carried on with me forever! I highly recommend No Limits Training to EVERYONE!
Kyle Soares
Fitness Client
I call O'neil magician, since his training changed me completely, slimmer, stronger, and more confident. He designs programs based on the individual's unique situation. He is tracking client's diet plan. He encouraged me not to give up and helped me going through tough times when my knee hurt so badly (because of falling on ice, not because of gym). He is passionate and professional. Highly recommended.
Jane Lu
Fitness Client


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Our business depends on referrals from our clients just like you to stay afloat and offer our services at affordable rates. Without your help, we spend more time and money on ads, which increases our prices and makes us less accessible to other people who need our help.


Sign a friend up for 1on1 personal training and you receive a free 2lb tub of protein powder.

Sign up a friend for 1on1 virtual training and you receive a free session.

Sign up a friend for boot camp and receive 1 week free.

Sign up a friend for the gym or any other  other training programs sold and you receive a free No limits shirt.


All new potential clients interested in 1on1 get complimentary session to try the experience.

All new potential clients interested in boot camp will get a complimentary week of boot camps to try the experience.

All new 1on1 clients receive a No Limits gift bag which includes a 2lb tub of protein powder, shaker cup & No limits workout journal.

All 4 week unlimited new boot camp clients will receive a No Limits Gift bag containing a shirt and a No Limits workout journal.

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