What's Your Fitness Goals?

We have a few different options for online training. We have DIY programs for at home or in the gym, Virtual 1 on 1 training & Online coaching. All of these programs offer a variety of services. Please read the descriptions of the programs before ordering! If you have any more questions, feel free to contact us!

We help busy professional woman and stay at home moms break past their mental limits and build the confidence and strength to get in the best shape of their life’s and feel energized again! Focus on your form while building your curves and strength with our fully customized 1on1 sessions that are designed specifically for your goals! Our diet plans, daily accountability and custom workouts are designed to get you in the best shape of your life! Book a call to set up your complimentary session!

The Booty Program: Gym Edition is designed to build you those naturally perky and rounded glutes while also focusing on adding muscle to your hips to give you a more curvier physique. You will be focusing on hitting booty and legs twice a week but also upper body twice a week to help you trim your waist and tighten up your back and arm muscles. If you are looking to build a J-Lo type physique, then this program is for YOU!


No Limits Training

Our intention is to create personalized training programs designed to achieve your fitness goals and the ultimate body transformation. Our training services target fat loss to have you looking toned & tight, increase your strength and build your curves so you can be proud of the way you look in the mirror. As well improve your energy so you have better day to day living. We do this in a way that is both fun and rewarding by pushing our clients past their own mental limits to reach their full potential. We are a strong believer in positive reinforcement and always operate out of mutual respect. “The body has limits but the spirit doesn’t."


He is an excellent coach. He pushes you to reach your goals and is always helping you to be on track. He is a great mentor. I recommend him heavily so that everyone can reach their fitness dreams with No Limits training.
Catalina Coutin-Prado
Fitness Client
Very rare is it to find a trainer as passionate and knowledgeable as O'Niel! Training with him has been a life changing experience and he always knew how to make our sessions not only about hardwork and high intensity but extremely fun as well. I learned alot about life and fitness through O'Neil and that knowledge will be carried on with me forever! I highly recommend No Limits Training to EVERYONE!
Kyle Soares
Fitness Client
I call O'neil magician, since his training changed me completely, slimmer, stronger, and more confident. He designs programs based on the individual's unique situation. He is tracking client's diet plan. He encouraged me not to give up and helped me going through tough times when my knee hurt so badly (because of falling on ice, not because of gym). He is passionate and professional. Highly recommended.
Jane Lu
Fitness Client